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Freshen Up Your Interior with The Most Popular Paint Color Trends of 2020

If you’ve been considering repainting your home’s interior, 2020 is your year. The colorful influx of new and unique hues from some of the best interior paint companies has resulted in a wider assortment of options than ever before – sure to please even the most indecisive homeowners. However, this ever-expanding selection of colors and paint types can seem overwhelming, leaving you feeling unsure of where to begin.

Luckily, C&M Painting and Home Improvements is here to help. Below, we’re discussing a few of the best paint color trends for 2020. Let’s take a look!

Start with a Color Scheme in Mind

Before you can decide on a color for a particular room in your home, it’s important to develop a color scheme that will promote not only the design sense you desire but the overall feeling you want to experience when you walk in. If you’re planning on painting multiple rooms in your house, the interior color schemes you choose could extend throughout various living spaces.

To begin, consider the look and feel you want and the elements you already have in the room and try to meet somewhere in the middle. For instance, if you’d love to incorporate a light and airy vibe in your space, select a neutral palette with grays, beiges, and whites. For a warmer, more comfortable feeling, choose colors with yellow undertones. If you enjoy a more modern, edgy look, opt for deeper colors that communicate drama.

Next, consider what’s already in your room. If you have a large, statement piece like a sofa or piece of art, you should choose neutral colors to make it stand out or utilize a softer, more muted version of the same color for a monochromatic look. For more inspiration, examine a color wheel or paint swatches from your favorite paint manufacturers to find complementary colors.

Top Interior Paint Trends for 2020

Once you’ve determined the overall look you want to achieve for the rooms you will be painting, the fun can really begin. Repainting is an ideal, affordable way to breathe life into a space that’s lacking inspiration. The best part? By choosing a paint color that works with your existing space, you can achieve an entirely new look without investing in a complete redesign.

To that end, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular interior paint colors for 2020. With a wide range of shades from unique to traditional, you’re sure to find a hue to suit your style.

Classic Blue

Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year returns to the traditional with Classic Blue. This deep shade of blue is reminiscent of the sky at dusk and is the perfect way to bring a sense of calm to any space. Use this timeless tone to anchor a strong yet relaxed color scheme.

Burnt Orange

Once reserved for accent items like throw pillows and curtains, burnt orange is coming into its own as an interior paint color in 2020. While you’ll want to practice restraint with such a bold choice, this shade is the perfect way to make a big impact in a small space like a powder room.

Natural Jewel Tones

In 2020, many designers are looking to move past the muted greys and beiges of the 2010s and shift to richer, more opulent colors. However, the jewel tones of 2020 are more grounded and serene than those seen in the past.

Chinese Porcelain

This inky shade of cobalt blue is PPG Paint’s 2020 Color of the Year, and it’s easy to see why. While traditional cobalt provides a hint of energy to a space, Chinese Porcelain inspires serenity and comfort while keeping the ideals of a rich blue tone.

Blush Pink

Light pinks take on a more modern feel this year. Mix these shades with understated, classic colors and jewel tones to create a warm, inviting feeling. Or, use blush pink paint on an accent wall or as a wash over a large room for a dreamy, lush space.

Monochromatic Colors

When you land on the perfect color to fit your space, try utilizing lighter and darker variations of the same shade throughout the room for a monochromatic look. Use the deeper hue to anchor the space and the lighter one to provide a hint of airiness.

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Whether you’ve chosen one of the trends above, fit your new interior color into your existing design sensibilities, or both, it’s time to begin painting. To ensure the most professional, polished look possible, it’s best to invest in professional painting services from the experts at C&M Painting and Home Improvements.

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