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Connecticut Exterior Painting Services


Providing Exterior House Painting Services in Connecticut for over 40 Years 

C&M Painting can meet your exterior painting service needs. We have over 40 years of experience as exterior house painting contractors in Connecticut. We have a crew of full-time employees who can do any size residential or commercial exterior painting job. We do very high-quality work. Our Connecticut painters are repeatedly praised for their neatness, hard work, and attention to detail. We are registered and insured, and our work is guaranteed as a Connecticut painting company 

C&M Painting and Home Improvements' Exterior Painting Process 

The key to a long-lasting commercial exterior painting is thorough preparation. Prior to painting all houses, we perform a “Mildew Treatment”, and power-washing services to remove mildew, moss, and clean for better paint adhesion. All peeling or cracked exterior paint is scraped and sanded, feathering the edges for a smooth finish. Caulking is done as needed with the highest quality materials. Any damaged trim or siding is repaired or replaced. All sanded and bare areas are primed with an oil primer for maximum paint adhesion. When there is an extensive amount of sanding, we will prime the entire surface. We use high quality paints that give you the longest possible paint lifespan. 

Aluminum Siding Painting Process 

When you rub your hand on aluminum siding and your hand turns white, it’s a sign that your exterior paint is failing. We perform a “Mildew Treatment” and power-wash services for your house to clean for better adhesion, and to remove mildew, moss, and to ensure that the aluminum is no longer chalking, we then apply the first coat of 100% acrylic paint mixed with a bonding agent to ensure proper adhesion to the aluminum siding. The second coat of paint makes your house look like new.  

Exterior painting services may include: 

  • Complete surface preparation, including but not limited to scraping, power-sanding, caulking, etc. 
  • "Mildew Treatments" and power-washing services 
  • Wood repairs 
  • Staining and painting 
  • Deck re-finishing 
  • Color suggestions and matching 
  • Top quality materials  

Paint Color Consulting Services

Picking paint colors can be an overwhelming chore, especially when looking at small swatches, and trying to visualize how the whole house will look. 

At C&M Painting and Home Improvements, we offer complimentary paint color consulting to help you get the best colors and make your life easier. With over 40 years of exterior house painting services throughout Connecticut, Chuck will walk around the house, and recommend colors for the body and the trim, taking the roof color, and the colors of the neighboring houses into consideration.  

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