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How to Restore a Weathered Deck

Has your old weathered deck become a source of shame? Most of the time, it is cheaper to rejuvenate your deck than to replace it entirely. In this blog, we'll provide some techniques to give your weathered deck new life or help restore the look of a new deck. We'll also discuss repairs, deck cleaning, stain application, filling cracks in deck boards, and more.

Different Ways of Restoring a Weathered Wood Deck

There are many ways to restore a weathered wood deck, depending on the material, the age, and the damage it has sustained over time.


Decks need to be cleaned regularly to get rid of dust, mold, mildew, and moss. Deck cleaning can be done by a power washer or a bucket of soapy water with a scrub brush.

Painting vs. Staining

Prolonged exposure to moisture can rot your wooden deck boards, so they need to be sealed regularly. You can do this with deck stain and clear sealant. A coat of paint also works to achieve this.

Replace Old Boards

Old boards that have rotted or warped because of their exposure to moisture need to be replaced. It's easy to identify rotted boards because they have a softer texture and are often stained. Poke the deck boards with an awl or a screwdriver: If the tool’s tip goes into the wood, it needs to be replaced.

How to Restore a Weathered Deck, Step-by-Step

Deck cleaning is a formulaic process. It starts with repairing or replacing damaged boards, then it's cleaned, and finally, the deck is painted or stained.

Repair Damaged Boards

The primary issue to be addressed is broken boards. The damaged boards on your weathered deck should be the first ones replaced. Check for soft spots and loose boards. If you notice screws missing in unsecured boards, replace them. You should use deck screws to install new wooden boards. You may need wood deck repair filler for filling cracks in deck boards.

Cleaning and Stripping

If the deck was previously stained, it will need to be stripped of the old stain before you can resurface decking. Chemical deck stripper is available from home improvement centers: Follow the instructions of the chemical stripper to complete this step.

Once the stripper has been applied, any water poured on the deck should soak immediately into the wood. If the water beads up on the deck’s surface, the deck needs to be stripped again. Test different areas to ensure the deck has been properly stripped.

Next, clean the deck with a power washer. You can rent a power washer at nearby home improvement centers, or you can hire this service. At C&M Painting and Home Improvements, we provide power washing services to homeowners in Fairfield County and New Haven County in Connecticut.

Sand the Deck

Sanding deck rails can help prepare the wood for more stain. Use a sanding pole or a power sanding device to sand your deck. Do this to all parts of the deck, including the railing and balusters. After completion of this step, vacuum the dust before moving on to staining.

Stain the Deck

Once the deck has been cleaned, you have many wood deck resurfacing options. One of those options is to apply a stain in the color of your choice. Stir the stain frequently, and lap up any pools to prevent the stain from saturating the boards unevenly. Once it has been applied, use a coat of clear sealer to ensure further protection.

Stain and sealer must dry before you can walk on the deck again, so follow the manufacturer's instructions to not set foot on your deck too soon.

Or Repaint the Deck

If you're going to paint your deck, use specialized paint formulated for decks. Paint lasts longer than deck stain and sealer, and it protects the wood best. Use the paintbrush between the deck boards before painting with a roller.

The paint may be thick enough to seal the space between the deck boards. Use the 5-in-1 tool to cut through the wet paint. Allow the paint to cure before walking on it. The curing time will be included in the manufacturer's instructions on the paint can.

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